Iris - Heron Dance

Deborah A. Ayers

A lifetime of memories continued

Nana: It was quite an experience going to junior high school. We got to move up to the second floor and we changed classes. I took cooking and sewing classes which I really liked. We only had two years of junior high. I went to school in the same building all through school. I started to school in January 1925 since I was six in January. I graduated from high school 11 years later in May 1936.
Pop: I never went to junior high school. I went to a one-room grade school. We had the first through eighth grade in one room. Each grade level would go to the front of the room at various periods of the day and have our lesson time. When we were in eighth grade we had to take a state board examination in order to graduate and to qualify to be passed into high school.

With some teachers we would go to neighboring schools on Friday afternoons. The first four grades would have their lessons early, then sent home and grades 5 though 8 would go for competition at other schools. (This was about a 2 mile walk one-way--remember we had no school buses.) We would have ball games, foot races, sack or three-legged races, spelling bee's, recitations and whatever else we would think of. Almost two or three Friday nights a year we would have literary and the whole community would attend.

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