Iris - Heron Dance

Deborah A. Ayers

A lifetime of memories continued

  • To what do you attribute your success in business and in life? What advice would you give to others?

  • Douglas S. Ayers, grandson-in-law
Nana: When I look back over what we have accomplished in our life, I can't believe what we have acquired and how we did it. I would say faith in God and each other was the biggest factor. We lived on what we had, and never beyond our means. We have never carried a balance on our credit cards. We didn't have a credit card when we got married. We tried to teach Garry and Jim to do the same. We are so proud of them and feel that they have.
Pop: Success in business and in life both require the same ingredients: faith, trust, hard-work and I had a mate that loved, supported and worked with me. My father and mother gave me a background in trust and in faith. During the Depression, they trusted neighbors for food and farm supplies when they didn't have a nickel and didn't know when they would get one. They had the faith that when they got that nickel it would be theirs.

This gave me a faith that if I used my God-given abilities to the fullest, I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. For the most part, I was able

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