Iris - Heron Dance

Deborah A. Ayers

A lifetime of memories

My grandparents, Fred and Jo Mason, were a tremendous influence in my life. My Nana was the youngest of nine. My Pop was the oldest of seven.

They married during the Great Depression, and my Pop was sent off to Europe to fight WWII leaving a wife and small son (my father) behind.

When he returned from the war, another son was added to the family. My grandparents worked hard, ran a business, and raised a family. Life wasn't always easy for them, but they became role models with the lives they lived. 

In 1998, I asked the family members who had gathered for Thanksgiving to come up with one question they'd like to ask them. This became kind of a "homework" assignment for them, and Nana and Pop busily answered the questions. Those questions and their responses are recorded here.
Fred and Jo Mason

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Fred Mason
1916 - 2009

Josephine L. Baker Mason
1919 - 2004